Since last Saturday, the population can go out in different time slots to go for a walk or to practice some individual sport such as running or cycling.

  •  6-10am and 8-23pm: population between 14 and 70 years old. Walk with someone with whom you live in a range of 1 kilometer, and individual sport without leaving the municipality.
  •  10-12h and 19-20h: population over 70 years of age or with special support needs (people with disabilities).
  •  12-19h: less than 14 years accompanied by an adult. Once a day, for 1 hour and in a range of 1 kilometer (it is the only time limit).
  •  No time restrictions: towns with less than 5000 inhabitants.

The general recommendation is to maintain safety distances and, if this is not possible, wear some personal protective equipment such as a mask. The main thing is, first of all, to comply with all the guidelines indicated by the different experts. But you can enjoy the outing and comply with the rules at the same time, so be careful because here are our proposals so that you get the most out of your outings and feel your best both physically and mentally .

Make the most of light rays

Walking in the rain or with night light has its charm, but at this moment we need more than ever a plus of vitamin D after so long without going down to the street often. If you check the weather forecast, and you see that it is going to be sunny, go outside with the first rays or when it is not yet dark. Of course, keep in mind that in some places it is already quite hot, so you should not forget to put some protection on your face or arms, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Even though it’s hot when you go out, estimate how long you will be outside. If you start exercising at 8pm, don’t forget to pack a jacket or sweatshirt because it will probably cool off when you get back home. Temperature changes, especially after this time at home, can bring us a cold, and return you to enclose yourself between four walls. The same if you go out in the morning, although from nine o’clock the temperature will increase, before you will still notice some cold. Take that into account when choosing clothes.

Stay tuned, early risers!

The range from 6 to 10, especially the first hours, are only suitable for those who do not hate the alarm clock. But starting the day with a little exercise, and then feeling like you have the whole day off to do whatever you want is a great feeling. It is a good alternative for those who do not have much free time the rest of the day. An advantage is that you will surely find fewer people on the street the sooner you leave.

Take the opportunity to organize your day, and structure everything you want to do well. If you have a lot of work these days, meetings or any other task that generates stress, a walk or a little sport first thing in the morning will help you to be more relaxed and prepared for everything you have to do. You can take the opportunity to be your own emotional coach and fill yourself with positivism and self-confidence.

If you are one of those who does not forgive breakfast, this is a good proposal for you to take before or after your walk. A little almond milk with granola of fruits and seeds, or a fruit smoothie will charge you with energy. Some nuts in the natural or in natural cream format so that you can start the day on the right foot.

No forget to make a complete and energetic breakfast like this porridge of oatmeal with fruit and peanut butter

Many of you can go out in the middle of the morning and before eating . To be as relaxed as possible, and enjoy the ride to the fullest, you can try to do the housework that you have pending beforehand. Thus, you will not feel stressed during your walk and you can dedicate it to thinking about other things. You will return home hungry, so it is recommended that you think of a good menu with vitamins and healthy fats. Be careful with those snacks to snack between meals such as juices or snacks full of sugar. They are neither beneficial nor will they give you the lasting energy you need.

The last hours of the day: good time to disconnect

Some will be lazy to leave home when it is getting dark, but it is a perfect strip to connect as much as possible with yourself. Those who work until mid-afternoon, and have had a day of many tasks or meetings, will be looking forward to the time to get out to breathe fresh air. You can still take advantage of the last minutes of sunlight , and on top of that, you will arrive home very relaxed for dinner or bedtime.

Mindfulness in motion

If you are determined to use your daily walk as a moment of relaxation and to get in touch with your ‘inner self’, you can put into practice some mindfulness technique that can be done while walking. Thus, in addition to going out to take the air, you will discover new forms of relaxation that will come in handy when you return to normal. Mindfulness techniques aim to be fully attentive to sensations or movements of the body , or some element of the environment. While you walk you can focus on your breathing , and inhale and exhale deeply that will make you feel more and more relaxed and with a clear mind.

Focus on the movement of your legs and arms if you are taking a calm walk. Try to mentally walk each muscle of your body in motion. Or just watch your feet separate and stick back to the road. They are small aspects that make your mind focus on a repetitive movement and disconnect from aspects that concern you. The good thing about doing mindfulness on the street is that you have many elements to apply the technique that you like the most. A bridge, some stairs, a church, a sculpture or any figure that you come across helps you stop and look over it from corner to corner.

The sounds of the wind, birds or cars in the background can also be used to focus all your attention only on what you hear. Obviously, the ideal is to be in an environment that is not very noisy, and in which the sounds of nature prevail that normally go unnoticed. As you stroll towards the late hours of the day, when the streets are less busy, you have the opportunity to focus on sounds like those made by trees moved by the wind. And if you prefer, look for some relaxing music and connect your headphones. There are many videos and audios on the Internet designed to be used as a mindfulness technique.

Or share your day with your family or friends

In addition to dedicating your walk to yourself, you can also share what you have done or your thoughts with your family and friends. Take the opportunity to talk on the phone and tell you how your day has gone (better with headphones to avoid touching your mobile all the time), or simply to chat if you go out accompanied. Do not forget to plan a delicious and healthy dinner, or any plan that you want to do in the next few days at home or at work.

A good light, healthy and very fashionable dinner: zucchini spaghetti with homemade tomato and the proteins of the Beef Jerky

Create your own routine when going out

Although some prefer not to have their daily walk fully planned, for many it will be an incentive to follow their route and meet their goals for the day . A walk or exercise routine will help you build a habit and feel very satisfied every day you go out to do it. You can take the opportunity to plan a walk through those streets close to home that you like so much and that you never have time to enjoy, or go to a green area if you have the opportunity. Even if you can’t get too far from home, surely there are areas that you don’t usually go through and that you feel like now. Create your tour of them!

Surely many of you want to get in shape, but it’s hard for you to start exercising from scratch. This is totally logical, and it would not be beneficial for your muscles to suddenly start giving it their all. You can start with walk quickly, then jog . Or try going up and down stairs a few times if you have one nearby. Repeat these exercises every day increasing the frequency or intensity , and you will soon become a true runner. It is also a good time to take advantage of your bicycle or those skates that you have always wanted to use but that were gathering dust in the storage room.

And most importantly: choose what makes you feel good

This is not an easy time for anyone, especially if you have a loved one having a hard time or if you have difficult times at work. So your walk every day is the ideal time to reconnect with yourself and try to fill yourself with good vibes. Putting on clothes that you like, organizing delicious meals for before or after a walk, or chatting with someone special can make you feel good.

Take the opportunity to socialize with the people you live with if you are very busy working during the day. It is a good time for a quiet chat, or to bite your brother to see who of the two exercises more (individual) during his outing. If you spend so much time at home you need a moment for yourself , to enjoy fresh air and natural light, put on your favorite music or a fun podcast and go out by yourself. The most important thing is that you do not take it as an obligation, leaving is optional. Do it only if you feel like it and enjoy it to the fullest.

Outdoor sports: the most effective exercises

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