Eat in silence

Today’s pace of life forces us to cut back on our most basic activities, such as sleeping or eating. We often read the news at breakfast, play our favorite computer game at lunch, and enjoy a TV show at dinner. But remember that exposure to unnecessary information reduces our critical attitude toward the foods we consume, causing us not only to put in our mouths what we wouldn’t otherwise eat, but to eat 40 percent more food.

Independence in the kitchen

Of course, an eventful life hardly leaves us with much choice, and increasingly we eat and snack at cafes and restaurants and buy ready-made frozen meals, convenience foods and canned goods at home. Let the preparation of delicious and healthy food finally become your habit, which will not take much time, but will bring significant benefits to your body. Such food is better digested, free of trans fats, preservatives, coloring and flavorings. In addition, the kitchen is a great place for creativity. A little practice and imagination will make your dishes unique.

Eat small meals

The habit of eating three meals a day, established since childhood, needs to be corrected. Scientists say five meals a day is optimal, so try to reduce portions during your main meals and add two snacks throughout the day. This will noticeably improve digestion and speed up your metabolism. And try not to skip breakfast, even if you don’t feel like eating in the morning. Such a regimen can lead to the fact that you have to replenish calories during subsequent meals, and therefore overeating.

Spices of the table

A great and healthy habit would be to add all sorts of spices and spices to your dishes. Traditional onions and garlic will add spice, and exotic curries or turmeric will shade and add a light oriental flavor trail to your dishes. These little helpers in the kitchen, despite their seemingly insignificance, can lower blood cholesterol levels, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Lemon zest in case.

Want to enrich your body with vitamin C during cold season or prevent the development of allergies in the summer? Then don’t throw away the lemon zest. They contain three times more vitamin C than the peel itself. It’s also rich in bioflavonoids, which boost your immune system and prevent allergic reactions. Just add some zest to baked goods, salads or tea and enjoy the pleasant taste with health benefits.

More Fresh Vegetables

Historically, people in colder climates have consumed more meats and fish of the fatty variety, and when choosing between a fresh vegetable salad and a vegetable stew, more often choose the latter. This is understandable. When boiled, the volume of food is reduced due to evaporation of liquid, but the caloric content remains the same. Consequently, we can eat more cooked food, getting extra energy with the food. However, we don’t need it anymore. Our ancient ancestors used it to warm the body during the cold season, and we don’t have time to use it, depositing it as fat under the skin.

Avocados are in every home.

Despite its high caloric content, avocados do not contain sugar and harmful fats. Therefore, this fruit is included in the menu of any diet, and its unusual taste will diversify your diet and bring invaluable benefits to the body. It goes well with many products and is actively used in the preparation of salads, appetizers and sandwiches.

Limit your intake of strong alcoholic beverages

Alcohol not only increases the appetite, but also itself has a high caloric value. But do not rush to renounce it completely. A glass of dry wine at dinner can improve digestion, speed up metabolism and lower cholesterol.

Culinary experiments with tomatoes

The main feature of tomatoes is that they do not lose their unique properties even with heat treatment. They have a wide range of effects on the human body: they provide antioxidant protection, have anti-inflammatory effect, help in the prevention of cancer and protect bone tissue from age-related changes, which is especially important for women during menopause. This tasty product is a must-have in your refrigerator. Feel free to experiment by adding tomatoes not only to all kinds of salads, but also to vegetable stews or stews.

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