Protein powder is increasingly popular among people who practice sports regularly as it improves the state of the muscles and enhances their development . The problem is that not everyone knows how to use it beyond diluting it in milk or mixing it into a shake. However, being a powder, the protein is very versatile to incorporate into a lot of recipes. If you opt for a flavored protein powder (raspberry, vanilla, chocolate …) you will add extra flavor to your preparations. Here are 6 quick and easy dessert ideas to make:

Açaí and Chocolate Oatmeal Mugcake: ready in 2 minutes

A chocolate sponge cake that tastes delicious without added sugar and is topped with fruit. As if this were not enough, it is prepared in two minutes in the microwave. This chocolate oatmeal mugcake is made with açaí pulp , that fruit of Brazilian origin that is so fashionable, and with apricot or your favorite fruit as a topping. You can add a teaspoon of protein powder to the dough, better if you choose the chocolate one. You will have a perfect and very quick snack to eat before exercising. Oatmeal and protein will give you tons of energy. Your muscles will appreciate it!

Yogurt, peanut butter and blueberry bites

Receta Yogur Crema de Cacahuete

A perfect dessert for hot days with everyday ingredients such as yogurt, red berries or fruit granola. The base of the snacks is yogurt and fruit granola, without the need for flour. But you can mix half a tablespoon of your favorite protein with the yogurt before passing the mixture of all the ingredients through the blender. Then, you just have to fill the molds, put some topping fruit and put everything in the freezer. They will become your favorite dessert for the summer.

Granola and red fruit tartlets

tartaletas granola

Similar to the recipe above, we have these granola tartlets that don’t need a freezer. They are made with granola made from fruits, nuts, and seeds mixed with honey. It’s that simple: just two ingredients. For the topping, you need sour cream or Greek yogurt , which you can crush with a tablespoon of protein to dissolve. Or add a little milk and beat with the spoon . A few blackberries on top, and voila!

Peach ice cream and cashew cream

receta de helado de melocotón

Couldn’t miss a creamy ice cream. This peach ice cream is made with milk, better if it is vegetable, so it admits protein powder that will be diluted very easily when crushing all the ingredients. It is very easy to prepare , and on top of it it is healthy and protein. By including nut cream in the mix (in this case cashew cream) the ice cream has a special touch of flavor. And the nuts will make it more filling and give you energy for the whole day.

Homemade oatmeal cookies

Without a doubt, one of our favorite cookies. Blueberry cookies made with oatmeal and chocolate-flavored protein powder. And, of course, the special touch that almond cream gives to the dough . It’s as easy as mixing and making small mounds on the cookie sheet. These are blueberry, but can be made with blackberries or raspberries. Chef’s tip 😉 Don’t worry if you don’t have oatmeal, you can mash your breakfast oatmeal flakes. By using the chocolate protein powder, the dough will still have that hint of cocoa flavor.

Watermelon, raspberry and chia smoothie

A smoothie could not be missing from this list. This banana, watermelon, and raspberry smoothie is very filling thanks to the chia seeds, and it looks great with a scoop of raspberry protein. Remember that to make a smoothie you always have to use a previously frozen fruit to achieve the desired texture. The best option is to freeze the ripe banana one day before without skin, which will add creaminess and sweetness to the smoothie.

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