To kill boredom, because you get a little hungry, because of stress, or simply because of habit … Many people resort to having a snack between lunch and dinner due to multiple situations. Others do not directly remember when was the last time they had a snack. The snack is not mandatory. The body does not always have the need to eat food in the middle of the afternoon. It is a good option if the body asks us to consume something because that day we have eaten less, or we have done more exercise . And as long as our choice is healthy snacks that stay away from processed foods loaded with sugars, such as industrial pastries.

Those who love to snack are the children. In most houses, the little ones are used to enjoying a break in the middle of the afternoon to have a delicious snack. That is why we are going to propose you several healthy snack options with chocolate, fruit and even vegetables . They have in common that they are very simple to prepare, they do not contain gluten and no added sugars . Your children will love to help you prepare them, the taste will seem delicious and you can not worry about giving them healthy food.

Healthy cookies? Yes, there are

Galletas reese's
The pint of these cookies says it all: they are delicious, and also do not have added sugar

We agree that most cookies are not recommended for a healthy diet. But what if you make them yourself? If you still haven’t salivated with Reese’s cookies, you need to look closely at the photo again. They are very satiating, and the texture will conquer you. They do not contain a single gram of refined sugar , but are made with oats, dark chocolate, hazelnuts … In addition, you can add a touch of cinnamon that will provide a different flavor nuance.

And if you prefer something less filling, it’s time you learned how to make oatmeal cookies. They are very light and with all the benefits of oats: energy supply, improved digestion, regulates blood sugar level … The good thing is that you can choose what flavor to give your cookies depending on the type of oatmeal you use. The vanilla flavored oats are great with fruits such as banana and lemon, which are also in season. But there is also the option of adding chocolate flavored oats if you don’t want to give up a sweeter snack. They are perfect to take alone as a snack, or dipped in coconut or almond milk.

Galletas de avena
The Oatmeal cookies have the advantage that they are very easy to make

Natural smoothies

Sometimes parents turn to juices because they are quick and can be bought ready-made. The problem with the juice is that, although it is prepared at home, it does not take advantage of all the parts of the fruit. When making the juice, fiber is discarded in favor of fructose, which, in addition, when consumed without other nutrients is assimilated much faster by the body. And you use the fructose from several pieces of fruit, so you eat more sugar than is contained in a single piece of fruit. Smoothies are healthy snacks and a good alternative to juices since they take advantage of the whole piece of fruit.

Smoothies are based on frozen fruit combined with other fruits, nuts or seeds . A green detox smoothie may not appeal to children as much as it does to adults. They will love chocolate or berry smoothies. With frozen banana, cocoa powder and peanut butter we can make a delicious smoothie that combines fruit, chocolate and nuts. You will also conquer them with the classic pink smoothie based on strawberry or watermelon. Chia seeds are great for this one, which are also a source of Omega 3. And if you want to innovate, try a fashionable fruit smoothie: açaí, which you can combine with figs and banana .

Smoothie de sandía, plátano, frambuesa y semillas de chía
The smoothies are the best option to take advantage of all the properties of the fruit

The homemade version of the classic Nutella

Nutella casera
A of the children’s favorite snacks is the cocoa cream

We know that a good cocoa and hazelnut spread cannot be missing from a list of healthy and delicious snacks. Its flavor is sure to bring back memories of your childhood, of those snacks with chocolate cream and bread. And, of course, your kids love it too. Our homemade Nutella recipe has hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, coconut oil, cocoa and water . Yes, nothing more! It is very simple and you will not have to think about whether your children are eating in an inappropriate way for their health. They will want to eat it by the spoonful, or with a good gluten-free bread, seed bread, or low carb. It’s also great with oatmeal cookies.

Sugar-free energy bars

Barritas 100% paleo
Natural Athlete bars provide fats, fibers and proteins without added sugar

This is one of our favorite options because you don’t have to or go into the kitchen . The energy bars are very practical to carry in the bag and give them to children after school or after school activities. Also for them to carry in their backpack if they are on an excursion. The commercial bars sold in large stores tend to have added sugar and other additives, but bars like Natural Athlete’s are totally natural and organic.

They are made with one hundred percent natural ingredients such as apple, beet, pistachio, cocoa, almonds or cashews. The combination of flavors is delicious and the texture is super juicy. They are suitable for vegans, lactose intolerant and celiac. The taste of beet with pistachio is a doom! In this way, your children will not only eat a healthy snack, but will also discover how delicious fruits, vegetables and nuts are.

Barritas estilo Twix
This Gluten-free Twix style bars recipe is being a real revolution

In addition to the fruit and nut bars, you can opt for a very sweet option with these chocolate delicacies. Haven’t you discovered this version of Twix bars yet? They are the bars that we all know but made in a healthy way. They have dark chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa, honey to sweeten and almond flour . The caramel is made with coconut oil, hazelnut cream and coconut milk. They are as delicious as they appear in the image and, contrary to what many may think, they are not difficult to prepare.

Vegetable pancakes

The Pancakes don’t always have to be super sweet

Pancakes are great for both breakfast and snack. They are quick and, if you make them from carrots or beets, they are a good way for your children to eat healthy snacks and discover how delicious the vegetables are. The carrot pancakes are very juicy and full of nuances thanks to the crunchiness of the carrot strips in the middle. To give it extra flavor, add a t opping of yogurt, nuts, carrots or cream cheese. And if you want to fill your plate with color, opt for some simple beetroot pancakes with red fruits. The recipe calls for milk, vanilla flavored oatmeal, and vegan protein. Super complete!

Tortitas de remolacha
With these colorful beetroot pancakes, it will not cost you anything for children to eat vegetables

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barritas naturales

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