Today we will talk about an issue that continues to concern the vast majority of people who used to go to a gym, and that currently we do not yet have a detailed overview of how the reopening of these establishments will take place. Below we mention 3 points in which this New Normal will modify the operation and use of gyms compared to how we were used to before this contingency.

Limited space.
Due to the conditions and guidelines that we must follow during and after this contingency, the same number of people will not be able to enter a gym, it will depend a lot on the organization in the gyms and the authorities to determine a maximum number of people based on the space available, and distribute the use of the facilities at different times assigned to each user to avoid any conglomeration, we could reach the degree that not all of us have access to a gym due to To limit the number of available memberships, not to mention that unfortunately many gyms have closed their doors, so there will be fewer options and different people will look for another gym to train making there is more demand for a reduced number of gyms.

Monthly payments, consultancies.
Undoubtedly, the payment of this type of services will be affected and will suffer an increase, due to various factors such as the equipment and supplies necessary to sanitize the different areas of the gym. In addition, as we mentioned in the previous point, by reducing the number of memberships in a gym, income will be lower, therefore, they must compensate for this by increasing the cost of monthly payments and even some services such as personalized training or preparation of training plans feeding carried out by gym instructors.

Habits within the gym.
This may be the point where we notice the greatest difference or the one that has the most impact on many of us. Things must change, we will need to create a safe environment, where we all follow the instructions and security measures that are implemented within the gyms, it is simple, we must seek to protect ourselves, as well as take care of others. Use of a mandatory towel, disinfect areas that we have used, maintain the appropriate distance from other users and any other measure that is added to this list must be followed to the letter.

Many people anxiously await the reopening of gyms either because it is something that is part of their lifestyle and they dedicate themselves to it to a great extent, as well as people for whom it is a fundamental part to reduce stress and carry a better quality of life, the most important thing and that we must not forget, is that it will depend on us, on our behavior and on our following the safety regulations that these places have a successful reopening and are not forced to limit themselves even more, Therefore, we must act according to the necessary indications so as not to affect these businesses and be able to continue making use of them, the responsibility in the end will fall on the users and how they react and behave in the first days or weeks of reopening.

We invite you to be aware of this and if you enjoy these places, please let us make the reopens a success, showing that the people who attend a gym and like this style of life we ​​are responsible and prepared people to use these places appropriately again.

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