You may have seen it tagged in numerous posts and are still not sure what it is about. Can a fruit have that color so pink ? Yes, the person responsible is the açaí. Although in Spain its use is not yet widely known, it does begin to have many adherents among the most ‘fit’ people. Açaí is a fruit of Brazilian origin that has a shape similar to blueberries and that only grows in very humid environments. In fact, the açaí tree is usually found near rivers and is abundant near the Amazon.

The açaí berry has a high ratio of seed to pulp of the fruit. That is why the most indicated is not its direct consumption as we would do with raspberries or blueberries, but processed to take advantage of all its nutritional properties. In fact, it is by consuming the pulp that we are going to obtain that purple-pink color that so characterizes açaí elaborations.

One of the most complete fruits

Açaí is known for its high content of vegetable proteins and fats, as well as having a great antioxidant power that make it a perfect option to prevent cell aging. In fact, it has much more antioxidant power than products that we traditionally associate with this property such as red wine . It also highlights its calcium and protein content.

  •  Omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids that protect against cardiovascular diseases
  •  Vitamins A and C that strengthen the immune system
  •  Vegetable protein that helps reduce cholesterol
  •  High percentage of fiber that promotes the feeling of satiety and gives energy

How to acquire açaí: the best format

As we said before, açaí is not consumed as a regular fruit but it is necessary to treat it to keep only the pulp. But this is a process that the manufacturer does directly, so the easiest way to acquire it in Spain is in powder or pulp . If you choose to use it in powder form, its use is very simple since it is similar to that of oatmeal or cocoa powder that we use in some smoothies, shakes or yogurt bowls. It is simply necessary to use a liquid element so that it dissolves like milk or water.

The other option is to buy the pulp packages already crushed, or crush it at home. This is perfect to always have açaí on hand since, once dissolved, it can be frozen. In this way, we have açaí to consume at any time, and with a perfect texture to incorporate into a dessert . What is the best thing about this format? Which can be used to make smoothies, that is, fruit smoothies with one of the frozen fruits.

Açaí in the kitchen: from smoothies to breakfast bowls

The flavor of açaí combines great with chocolate , in fact to many people the very flavor of this fruit reminds them of cocoa. Therefore, it is a good idea to prepare an açaí pulp cake with the purest possible cocoa powder, and with chocolate-flavored oatmeal. To make it even easier, we leave you this delicious recipe for cupcake or mugcake. It only takes five minutes to have all the ingredients ready, and 2 minutes in the microwave to have it ready for consumption.

If you add a teaspoon of protein powder to the açaí and oatmeal of chocolate or pure cocoa, we already obtain a super healthy sweet. Furthermore, açaí can be consumed with other fruits such as apricot. In this way, you can prepare a açaí, strawberry and chocolate cake, or some pancakes . If it is to add to a dough, it is necessary to remove it from the freezer a little earlier to make it easier to incorporate. And if it is used in powder, it must be dissolved in water or vegetable milk.

Smoothie de Açai

One of the best ways to consume açaí is in smoothie or shake. If we want a refreshing smoothie, with that slush texture, the açaí is included directly frozen. To make a smoothie, you would have to defrost it beforehand. The really important thing is to keep in mind that the fruit is used whole to take advantage of all its properties. To obtain a super appetizing pink smoothie for the whole family, especially for your children, you can combine the açaí with figs or strawberries. The açaí, fig and banana smoothie is a good option to enter the world of açaí.

  •  1 tablespoon of açaí powder
  •  2 frozen bananas
  •  3 whole figs
  •  2 tablespoons Greek yogurt
  •  1 splash of water or almond milk (or any other plant milk)
  • 2

The star recipe to consume açaí could not be missing: the breakfast bowls. The açaí bowls with fruit and natural granola are the best way to start the day. Keep in mind that many people make many mistakes in their eating at breakfast, consuming cereals or jams that seem natural, but are flooded with refined sugar. Natural granola, whole fruit and plant milks make a satisfying breakfast that gives you long-term energy. In addition, the pink color of the açaí will make your bowl 100% photographic.

Have we given you ideas with these recipes that use açaí? Go ahead and try an unknown fruit but full of antioxidant properties, proteins, vegetable fats and fiber a. If it is one of the favorite fruits for people who care about a healthy diet, or athletes who need energy and foods that strengthen their muscles, it will surely win you over too.

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