Cheat Day ¿Funciona o Limita mi Progreso?

We have all heard about the cheat day , that day when we forget about the strict diet and dedicate ourselves to eating only things that we feel like, there are too many videos and images of bodybuilders carrying out this type of practice so many people seek to do the same, but … does this also apply to us? Can anyone carry out a cheat day without affecting their progress?

Let’s start by clarifying that our situation is different, all the athletes we see have caloric and macronutrient requirements very different from ours, training and lifestyle that differ too much from any normal person. Taking this into account, we cannot expect our cheat days to look the same as what some You Tube videos show us because this will most likely end up hurting us rather than being a valid tool for us . What we must do is adapt the cheat day to our needs, see it simply as a technique that will allow us to carry our diet in a simpler way but always keeping in mind that we must avoid excesses and plan it in a way adequate.

One of the biggest positive aspects of including a cheat day in your eating plan is that it will allow you a “break” if you follow a strict diet, Psychologically this helps a lot and makes it more comfortable to continue with our eating plan, in addition to allowing us to eat things we like and even giving us that motivation for the next day to follow our eating plan correctly.

When to make one?
There is no strict rule when determining how often we can do a cheat day , but it would be advisable to only include one after at least 6 days in which we have followed our eating plan to the letter. We can do a cheat day every 2 weeks which would give us better results by getting closer to our goal in a faster way, discipline and adherence to our eating plan are key factors in determining when to do a cheat day .

How to do it correctly?
As we mentioned before, if we want to make use of the cheat day , it must be planned and taking it into account in our eating plan. Let’s try to evaluate and determine the type of food and calories that we are allowed to eat in this way our process will not be harmed and we can continue to increase muscle mass or lose weight.

Ultimately, cheat days are a very useful tool for most people, it all resides in how we carry them out, and in respecting their planning, in being aware that our routine and eating plan the next day must return to normal and be strictly respected.

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