This time we will give you some tips to take advantage of this quarantine and continue progressing towards your goals, we know that it is difficult to train in the same way due to the circumstances in which we find ourselves, but it is not a reason to stop To pursue those changes that we want for our body, we need to adapt and take advantage of the time we have to continue advancing towards our goals.

Target a suitable place.
The simple act of training at home is difficult for many people since being alone and in a place that is not focused on exercising they tend to be distracted and not focus on their routine. It would be advisable to allocate a small space in your home to exercise, a place without distractions such as TV, include some objects according to your activity that make you feel comfortable and motivate you to exercise.

Plan your day.
Being at home it is very easy to spend time watching series or movies on any of the different existing platforms, spending our time on little relevant things without realizing it. The best thing is that you plan your day establishing schedules for both training and for the preparation and consumption of your diet, this will allow you to stay more busy and focus on the important things without wandering, at the same time you commit to follow a beneficial regime for your health.

Try new activities.
By not having the same resources as in a gym, it is difficult to train with the same intensity that we used to, but at the same time it gives us the possibility to expand our panorama and experiment with different activities, calisthenics is a great option and there are Very difficult exercises to achieve such as one-hand push-ups, in the gym we all focus on carrying more and more but for the greater percentage of people it will be a real challenge to reach 15 repetitions of this exercise. Even activities like yoga are quite effective to relax in this situation and give another perspective to one of our training days.

Take advantage of technological resources.
To a great extent part of what we miss about training in a gym is the motivation and camaraderie that is generated within these places, at this time it is not recommended to meet to train with some friends, but social networks and some other platforms can be a great ally, making group video calls with your gym friends is a way of committing yourself and at the same time motivating yourself to continue exercising, at the same time allowing us that contact with people who They are passionate about or have similar interests to us, giving us a psychological respite in the midst of the tension and stress that we live every day.

Work on your weak points.
Finally, we can take advantage of this period to analyze ourselves and see what are the points in which we have not had a adequate progress, try to focus on them and develop them, this will allow us to obtain better benefits and be more complete athletes, remember that developing some part or aspect of our physical performance also affects better performance in various activities and exercises.

As we can see, we can still do many things, the main thing is to stay active, motivated and focused while we wait for the return to the gyms.


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