If you’ve asked yourself this question, it’s because you’ve already seen thousands of Instagram posts in which different profiles show their protein powder shakes. It is very fashionable, especially among people who practice some type of physical activity on a regular basis. But if you don’t really know why it is so successful, or what it is exactly in terms of composition and benefits , don’t worry. We are going to clear up all your doubts, and give you a lot of ideas for you to enter the world of ‘prote’.

The advantages of including protein powder in the diet

Proteins are essential for the proper functioning of the body, to fine-tune our body. They not only help us to be well fed and balance our meals but, consequently, they allow the parts of our body and their functions to be as correct as possible.

  •   Repair of muscle tissue
  •   Strengthening of bones and tendons
  •   Elasticity of the skin
  •   Quality of hair and nails

Many will directly associate proteins with meat consumption, in fact meat proteins involve essential amino acids. That is, its consumption is very important. But eating a steak is not all for protein. The origin of proteins can be both animal and vegetable: whey, rice, meat, egg, peas, hemp … Its consumption in powder makes life easier for those who have less time to cook, or who want to have a more protein diet.

In this sense, protein powder is a good choice. It covers all the advantages of proteins that we can include in a meal, but with the versatility of adapting its use to our needs. In addition, its simplicity of use allows it to be used as a food to consume between meals as it provides a feeling of satiety. From a shake with a spoonful of flavored protein, to a cake with protein powder in the dough , to a porridge or some cookies. The use of protein powder allows it to be incorporated into doughs, dairy foods or smoothies and fruit shakes. In other words, it cannot be consumed ‘on the dry side’ but it adapts to everyday preparations.

The favorite supplement of athletes

As we have discussed previously, many influencers who promote a healthy lifestyle use protein powder in their daily diet. Especially, the most ‘fit’ add it to different preparations a while before or after exercising. Why? Well, because protein, in this muscle strengthening function, prevents injuries or tears that can occur while exercising. And, not only that, but it helps muscle development . Its use is as a plus to help our body get the best out of the hours of exercise.

Its most common use among people who practice sports is in a shake or smoothie. These preparations allow you to take advantage of whole pieces of fruit, with all its fiber and vitamins, and incorporate nuts or seeds. That, together with a tablespoon of protein powder, makes it a perfect snack for bodies that obtain energy in a healthy way , without the glucose spikes that foods rich in carbohydrates and refined sugar cause.

Vegan protein? More and more fashionable

We must stop associating protein with meat, or with animal derivatives. The protein and vegetable protein powder options are vast. Different vegetables have protein, and one of the richest sources of healthy protein is quinoa, which also does not contain simple carbohydrates (the most harmful). In this sense, although the most common protein powder is the so-called whey protein, which comes from cow’s milk whey, there are other options for vegans.

Vegan protein powder is made from vegetables or grains . One of the most common comes from the pea, with a great supply of amino acids and fiber. There is also the rice variant, only suitable for people who have not ruled out gluten in their diet. Or that of the seeds, with high protein content. One of the most popular protein powder options, in fact, is the one that contains hemp seeds: a source of essential amino acids, fiber, omega-3, omega-6, potassium, phosphorus …

How to use protein powder

Yogurt with fruit, pure cocoa and banana ice cream, fruit smoothie, chocolate mousse, cookie dough… Protein powder can be incorporated into any of these preparations. The ideal is to buy a flavored protein powder , and combine it according to the ingredients that your preparation has. Some of the most successful on the market are chocolate, raspberry or vanilla, but you can research and choose your favorite.

Protein powder diluted in a shake or smoothie is a sure hit. If you choose to make a smoothie, you just have to blend your favorite fruit with a little non-dairy milk or Greek yogurt, and add a scoop of protein powder. For the smoothie, the procedure is similar, but one of the fruits has to be previously frozen in order to have that crushed ice texture. You can try adding your ‘prote’ to any of these smoothies. Or try this recipe:

  •   2 frozen bananas
  •   50 g of papaya
  •   2-4 figs or figs
  •   Half a tablespoon of vanilla protein without added sugar
  •   6 walnuts
  •   Half a glass of water

You can also prepare a homemade jam without sugar that will last several days. This raspberry jam recipe is super protein because it contains chia seeds and strawberry protein . You must bear in mind that it does not have added sugar, so the raspberries will provide more sweetness the more ripe they are. If you choose to use flavored protein, make sure they contain sugar naturally present in the ingredients.

Protein powder can not only be diluted with fruit, but it can be incorporated into the masses of different desserts . Eating healthy is not at odds with leaving aside the most delicious desserts, you simply must choose to use the best ingredients. These preparations with oatmeal allow protein powder in the dough to obtain delicious donuts or fluffy carrot pancakes.


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