What should your shopping basket have in common with the pocket of a cowboy from the Wild West? Or with the provisions of the maritime expeditions? Foods that are preserved for a long period of time and that give a lot of energy. For that, those cowboys that we see in American Westerns resorted to marinated and sun-dried meat strips . That is, they obtained all the proteins and minerals from the meat through a durable product that can be consumed at any time: beef jerky. Read on if you want to feel like a hero or heroine of your favorite western movie.

Meat is the most direct source to obtain natural fats that we need, since they are an essential micronutrient. The advantages of consuming it as it was done in the past among travelers, hunting peoples, shepherds, sailors or nomads is that it is always ready for consumption. The most common is to buy dried and marinated meat in not very large bagged sheets , which also have a pleasant crunchy texture. They serve several types of meat, such as turkey, but the most common is to use beef . And, although many people think otherwise, beef jerky does retain all the benefits and vitamins even if it is purchased ready-made. These are some of its advantages for our health:

  •  Long-term energy supply
  •  Strengthening the immune system
  •  Great satiating power
  •  High percentage of essential amino acids
  •  Healthy snack between meals
  •  Without gluten or refined sugar

Eat your beef jerky as a snack

The beef jerky bags are very practical to take anywhere

These pre-made beef bags are perfect to use as a healthy snack if you need a quick boost of energy. It is great for people who do sports because it is high in protein that helps muscle recovery after hard workouts. It is also a perfect snack for all-day excursions or to take to work in case the day gets longer. In fact, in the Wild West or on maritime expeditions it was consumed alone, as a protein snack.

Dried meat , seasoned with spices loaded with flavor, is delicious both alone and on top of a piece of gluten-free bread or crackers of seeds. Thus, you can enjoy a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack loaded with zinc, iron and vitamin B12, and with just the right amount of fat for those times of the day . You will notice how you can continue your routine with extra strength, and on top of that after enjoying a delicious snack.

Or add your marinated meat to your recipes

Tarta de zanahoria y espinacas con carne seca
Cake of spinach and carrot base with beef jerky

Like the meat cooked to use, the beef jerky can be added to many of the preparations that we consume daily. Looks great with salads, scrambled, as a cream topping, omelette, pizza or on simple toast. A good trick if you have doubts about how to consume this meat is to think with what foods you would eat grilled or roasted meat. Beef jerky admits the same combinations, with the advantage that not a minute of time is wasted cooking.

One of the most complete recipes to include your beef jerky is the carrot-based spinach cake. In the same dish we find egg, quinoa, different vegetables, dairy products and the benefits of a good marinated beef in topping format. The beef jerky is added at the end of everything, after baking, thus keeping its crunchy texture intact and also offering a decorative touch thanks to the contrast of colors.

In addition to vegetables, another of the most common ways of consuming meat is with pasta. However, the consumption of refined carbohydrates is not recommended for our health, so we can substitute traditional spaghetti for ones based on zucchini. The meat is added on top of the tomato sauce, and it adds a delicious flavor to the dish. Thus, we will have a very healthy and gluten-free recipe.

espaguetis de calabacín
Spaghetti of zucchini with homemade tomato sauce and beef jerky

You can also use beef jerky in a tomato or avocado salmorejo in very small pieces. It is a great sensation for the palate to be able to find crunchy textures in a soup plate. And if you prefer to consume the avocado without crushing, either on toast or in guacamole, its flavor is great with that of marinated meat. For those days when we can spend less time in the kitchen than usual, and turn to a salad or scrambled eggs with mushrooms, beef jerky makes the dish complete and energetic. A simple salad of fresh green sprouts , with onion and meat, is delicious.

Find your favorite beef jerky flavor

Our beef jerky is made with the best quality beef and with all the guarantees of the certifications required by the European Union. The original flavor is topped with wine vinegar, sea salt, pepper, garlic, onion, mustard seeds, and ginger. Also, to avoid using refined sugar, take a little panela, one of the best natural sweeteners.

In addition to the original, you can also try the marinated meat in pepper flavored strips. Ll eva an extra with Sichuan pepper, with a lot of flavor and aroma, and a touch of citrus spice. Pepper, which contains vitamins A and B, is a powerful antioxidant that prevents premature aging of cells. For those who are more spicy lovers, the meat with chili will become their favorite option. In addition, chili is an ally of the respiratory system since it minimizes the symptoms of cold, asthma or bronchitis.

In summary, beef jerky contains all the benefits of the best meat, making it a source of vitamins, minerals and protein. Its bagged format makes this product the ideal snack to consume at the gym, work or on a trip. And, especially, it will be the favorite snack of many athletes. Its preparation totally natural make it possible to add it to any of our homemade recipes with the security of consuming the best product. Feel like a strong western cowboy and tell us in the comments if you prefer the original, spicy or pepper flavor!

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