On toast, in salad, in smoothie or directly in tablespoons … Avocado fever has been going on for years installed in the universe foodie, although currently there are detractors who associate it with weight gain, obesity, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. Again, one more case of the unjust campaign that since the 1960s criminalizes the consumption of fats in favor of refined carbohydrates and sugars.

This time it is the University of Loma Linda in California which denies not only that avocado makes you fat but also recommends it to be consumed at daily for its multiple antioxidant and heart-healthy benefits .

Half a day, the right amount

It is true that 75% of the calories in this food are fat, but they are monounsaturated fats (the so-called “good”). This can also be translated as 0% cholesterol and 0% fat trans.

As in everything in life, moderation is the key. The study indicates that half an avocado is the perfect amount . It is more or less equivalent to 100 grams and 160 calories , the perfect choice for an energetic breakfast or a healthy snack that will allow us to enjoy the delicious and creamy avocado flavor without regrets and also benefiting from its innumerable heart-healthy properties, ideal for balancing cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood and reducing blood pressure.

Avocado helps you lose weight

The study shows that it is precisely that healthy fat in avocado that makes it a powerful satiating that reduces the desire to “snack” until the next three or five hours by 40 % .

The combination of fat and protein of avocado It does not activate insulin or trigger the feeling of hunger , which is the case with other foods rich in sugars and carbohydrates such as cookies or yogurt. Taking into account that it is a slow digestion food and that the body will take time to ask us for more food, it has all the points to become in an ally if we want to control weight gain.

Other benefits

  • Rich in vitamins : Its high content in B6, E (reduces bad cholesterol and protects the heart) and K.
  • Butt minerals : It has between 40 and 60% more potassium (strengthener of the immune system) than banana. In addition, it is rich in magnesium (helps to lower the level of stress) and low in sodium, which favors the reduction of blood pressure .
  • And with more healthy plant compounds : Rich in lutein (carotenoid that protects eyesight), antioxidants with antiaging effect , vegetable proteins, folic acid, fiber (helps digestion) and Omega 9 (contributes to the production of collagen and elastin, ideal for hydration and youth of the skin).

After knowing all the advantages that this super fruit offers us, it only remains to get down to work. You can buy it easily in any establishment, although remember that its good time in Spain is between May and June. Keep it at room temperature and not forget to read our favorite recipes with avocado.

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